Rooted in the Word

The Bible is not simply a book of facts. It is the Spirit-inspired living Word of our Father, which ultimately points us to the Word made flesh: Jesus. By God’s grace, the Bible’s story of God’s rescue and restoration of the world will shape our life together.

As the Holy Spirit works amongst us, God’s Word will increasingly transform the way that we view every single area of our lives, with not one area left untouched by the grace and lordship of Jesus. The gospel shows us that God loves us just the way that we are, but he loves us enough to not let us stay as we are. We will therefore speak the truth of God’s Word into one another’s lives not only in formal settings, but in informal relationships as we live life in community.

God speaks through his Word not only to Christians but also to unbelievers, so we will share God’s Word in appropriate ways with everyone around us.